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QI AND ANCESTOR KARMA HEALING – foredrag (engelsk) v/ Siomara Jubert

17. oktober 19:00 21:30

The lecture will be in English.

We know that our energy levels can be affected by the lifestyle we lead, our physical environment and our emotions. But did you know that they can also be affected by the energy patterns of previous generations?

We call this karma.

Our health and happiness are intrinsically linked to our ancestral history. By clearing our inherited energy patterns we can create a strong and healthy foundation for ourselves and our family.

Symptoms of ancestral trauma affecting your life:

  • – Feeling stuck, unable to move forward
  • – Feeling anxious and don’t know why
  • – Always tired and lethargic
  • – Depressed and wanting to be alone
  • – Critical and negative attitude
  • – No interest in life and feeling disconnected
  • – Inability to concentrate/foggy mind
  • – Insomnia

Are you ready to create change and reach your full potential?

Join Siomara, for what promises to be a fascinating and thought-provoking talk. Find out the different ways in which inherited energy patterns could be impacting your life and how you can clear these and create a brighter future for yourself and your family.

A video example on YouTube:

Siomara (senior therapist) was a lawyer, then recruiter in London for over 10 years but burnt out completely. When she found Sun Kyeong it completely transformed her energy levels, happiness, created more abundance in all areas, and eventually led to her becoming a Qi Master. She trained in London and Korea and then opened the Sun Kyeong branch in Copenhagen, where she gives Qi treatments, Qi classes, Ancestor Healing courses and more.

Pris: 90/120 kr for medlemmer/gæster.
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