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Cedercrans, Lucille – Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking

Lucille Cedercrans Schaible

(1921-1984) brought into this world a new form of the wisdom of the ages. In striking contrast to the conservatism of her Depression-era, rural upbringing and early adulthood, her methods and training for awakening spiritual growth in herself and others were more esoteric and incredible than expected in that time.

Undeterred by the doubts of others or more gnawingly her own, undaunted by the enormity of her task, her six children, or her lack of formal education, and never disheartened by her many physical ails, Lucille forged open the gateway to wisdom for hundreds of followers from Washington DC to Spokane, WA.

She eventually found her own spiritual home, via a series of serendipities, in the oldest form of Tibetan Buddhism, carrying a good number of students with her.

Here, in her own words, writings, and stories, and through the memories of her closest students, we are carried through her icredible life of luminous mystical awakenings, radiantly challenging relationships, and precipitous falls into torturous embodiment, all with the poignant wit and wisdom that paints her legacy.

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